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   Greetings from Columbia University, which is open noon-7 p.m. today.  I'm back on the NYHT, looking at the years 1937-1940 (World's Fair), where I expect to find international cuisine.
   From THE NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 16 January 1937, Pg. 12, col. 4:

   Anacieto Sermolino, whose expansive charm and enormous dinners drew many of New York's most notable actors, writers and gourmets to his Greenwich Village restaurant during the early years of the twentieth century, died Thursday night in his apartment at 35 West Ninth Street. (...)
_Learn Table d'Hote for First Time_
   Here for the first time New Yorkers learned the meaning of an Italian table d'hote dinner.  In those years all restaurant meals were a la carte.  Mr Sermolino, scornful of such piece-meal methods, introduced a 50-cent course dinner featuring incredible quantities of spaghetti and a pint of "red ink."


   Lose that ugly fat?  Why "ugly" fat?  Does anyone want to keep the attractive fat?
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 17 January 1937, part VI, pg. 6, cols. 7-8:

_Here's That Amazing Way To_
_Without suffering a hungry moment and with-_
_out taking strenuous exercises or drugs_
Grape Juice


   From the NYHT, 17 January 1937, part II, pg. 14, col. 1:

_"Inchers" Rival_
_In Street Peril_

Motorists Who Crowd Onto
   Crossways Imperil Lives
   and Obstruct Traffic

City Safety Laws Ignored

Careless Pedestrians Add to
   the Problem of Travel
   "The growing practice of 'crosswalk edging' is approaching dimensions where it is a very serious item in retarding of motor vehicle traffic in New York City," said J. Mack Young, president of the Automobile Club of New York, yesterday.


   I e-mailed Peter Salwen years ago and asked him about his sources.  There was no reply.
   I recently spoke to someone at the New York Public Library to get this trash off their web site.  It's still on there.
   I e-mailed a letter to the editor of the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST.  It hasn't been published.
   I checked  This was discussed about two days ago on a Canadian travel site.  One person thought it either plausible or a load of bull.
   This has gone far enough and it's time to sue.
   I didn't sue the Audrey Munson book people who stole my stuff because the book didn't make much money and it wasn't worth my time.
   This web site is brought to us by Salwen Communications.  They have an office on Fifth Avenue.
   Look at the site, and e-mail him to provide a single "Big Apple" citation that in any way involves prostitution.  Ask him for "Apple Town" citations.  _Any_ apple citation.  At any time!
   No citations, eh?
   Well, isn't that nice?  I've got a process server right here...
   I'd donate all the money to DARE.

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