Dainty Dishes for Indian Tables (1881)

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Second Edition.
W. Newman & Co., 3 Dalhousie Square

   No author is listed.
   This doesn't have the wonderful names as the 1871 book that I just posted.  However, it does have an antedate in "Kanapees" (OED & M-W have 1890).  Also, it has "Dresden Patties" (a dish that, much later, found its way into Fannie Farmer's BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL COOK BOOK).

Pg. 36:
27.--Palestine Soup.
(Made with Jerusalem artichokes--ed.)

Pg. 104:
20.--Kabobes and Kedcheree.

Pg. 220:
28.--Dresden Patties.
INGREDIENTS.  Bread, milk, eggs, rich white mince or stewed oysters or mushrooms (_see_ recipes), some butter.
   Pare the crust neatly either from French rolls or bread and divide the bread into circular pieces, three inches in diameter and two inches deep; hollow them out in the centre to the depth of one inch; dip them into milk; lay them on  drainer, and pour milk onto them at intervals till they are well soaked but do not let them break; brush them with egg, rasp the crust of the rolls over them, fry a light brown colour anddrain them well; fill them with mince, mushrooms, or oysters (which must be prepared beforehand), and serve _very hot_ upon a napkin.

29.  Kanapees.
INGREDIENTS.  A large loaf, some oil, hard-boiled eggs, capers, cucumbers, tarragon, chives, some fillets of cleaned anchovies, salad oil, vinegar, pepper and salt.
   Cut the bread into slices three quarters of an inch thick, then cut into circles with a cutter; fry a good golden brown in the salad oil.  Have ready some hard-boiled eggs (6); chop them fine; also the tarragon and chives; put them into a basin, season with oil, vinegar, pepper and salt; pile this preparation on the toasts when they are ready; drain the anchovies well, scrape off the skin, divide them into fillers, and lay these (Pg. 221--ed.) the lattice-work over the top of the canapees.  Serve at once.

(Both "Kanapees" and "canapees" are used--ed.)

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