Variety; Uhmmm & Going Chinese

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   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 21 April 1937, pg. 20, col. 1:

_Gus Hill Dead;_
_A Half-Century_
_In the Theater_
   Minstrelsy was in its heyday then and the combination entertainment known as "variety" was yet to be born in this country.  "Variety," according to Mr. Hill, first appeared at Broadway and Grand Street when an English actor refused to do his work in blackface as a part of a minstrel show, and insisted that his act be added instead as a specialty.

(I'll have to check Hill's clippings at the Lincoln Center library.  He knows the place, but doesn't give a date or a name.  OED has 1868 for "variety"--ed.)


   From the NYHT, 21 April 1937, pg. 16, col. 8:

   Check "Uhm-m, Good Gravy" in the coupon and send with a 3-cent stamp to the New York Herald Tribune Home Institute, 230 West Forty-first Street, New York City.

(See ADS-L archive for "m-m-m" or "mmm" or "mm" or "Ummm."  OED?--ed.)

   Several Chinese recipes are given in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 18 April 1937, pg. 23, but no "egg roll."  From col. 2:

   Send for our leaflet, "Going Chinese"...

(Where is it?  It doesn't turn up on OCLC WorldCat, although a NYHT Home Institute pamphlet on Brazilian recipes does--ed.)

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