Cheeseburger (1937)

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"Cheeseburger in paradise."
--Jimmy Buffett

   The OED and Merriam-Webster both have 1938, citing AMERICAN SPEECH.  See the ADS-L archives.  Clementine Paddleford did NOT use this in 1935.
   From THIS WEEK, NYHT, NYHT Home Institute, 2 May 1937, pg. 18, col. 1:

_Rise of the HAMBURGER_
All the once lowly burgers--ham, crab, cheese and lamb--are in the Blue Book now.  They appear in company with both cocktails and coffee
by Fredrika Borchard
(...)  There are hamburgers and cheeseburgers and lamburgers, and half a dozen more.

(Recipes for Hamburgers, Lamburgers, Craburgers, and Liverburgers are on page 21.  The following is from a column one box on page 21--ed.)

   _Additional Recipes_
   Cheeseburger, codburger, hamburger--with ham--and burgers which aren't burgers at all but delectable appetizers!  You can find how to make and to serve them in our booklet, "More Burgers." Send a three-cent stamp...


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