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I have a cousin who, back in the early 60s, was "campused" for a prank she
pulled at the U. of Oregon.  I have no idea whether the term (or the
practice) is still in use.  (The prank: shouting from her dorm window, in
her best drill-sergeant voice, "Dis-MISSED!" at a group of ROTC cadets
drilling on the parade ground below, causing the cadets to scatter.)

--On Friday, June 8, 2001 8:18 AM -0400 Orin Hargraves <OKH at COMPUSERVE.COM>

> Can anyone supply an American equivalent or near-equivalent of the UK term
> "gating", in the sense "confining a pupil or student to a school or
> college"? I can't think of anything better than grounding, but I wonder if
> there is some more suitable term in use at private boarding schools.
> Private replies are better as I don't always read the list, but I will for
> a few days. Thanks to all.
> Orin Hargraves

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