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   Cabvertising=cab advertising.  Cabvertisements.
   There was a story about this in Friday's New York Post, although it didn't use this term.  GPS stuff is attached to a taxicab.  Soon, the top the cab will give you the time, weather, sports scores, news, stock updates, and HEY!  WE'RE PASSING BY MACY'S!  THERE'S A SALE!!!!
   It was only when I turned on the local tv news just now that I heard that they're "already called cabvertisements."
   Some groups fear that the "cabvertisements" will be a distraction for drivers and, like cell phones in cars, will cause accidents.

PITTED PRUNES (continued)

   Attached is an answer from the California Dried Plum Board on the first "pitted prunes."
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