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Sat Jun 9 19:43:31 UTC 2001

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>  GPS stuff is attached to a taxicab.  Soon, the top the cab will give you
> time, weather, sports scores, news, stock updates, and HEY!  WE'RE PASSING

May I ask what connection there is between GPS (Global Positioning System)
and cabvertising?   GPS gives you exactly four data: latitude, longitude,
altitude, and time.  (The quite similar Russian "GLONASS" system gives the
same data).  Both GPS and GLONASS are satellite systems.  On the other hand,
taxicabs have been equipped with two-way radios for as long as I can
remember, they generally carry clocks so that the driver knows when he is
off-shift, and all the other information you mention can be obtained from the
Internet, which can be accessed by cell phone or other "wireless" methods
from local ground-based antennae.


     - Jim Landau

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