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Tue Jun 12 19:30:49 UTC 2001

   Greetings from Klapeida, Lithuania.  I go to Riga tomorrow...I love typing in the dark to rock music on a foreign keyboard.


Pg. 77, col. 2:
   _Everyday Insults_
_Pupu mizas_--bean skins--something of little ro no importance
_Lai mulkim butu par ko brinities_--So a fool might have something to wonder about--a response to a stupid question about an object, such as "What's that for?"
_Sviests_--butter--something stupid.
_Zabaks_--boot--a jerk.
_Briedis_--buck (deer)--conceited.
_zimulis_--pencil--a show off.
   _In a Bar_
_Tev ir akis lupa!_  You've a hook in your mouth--Your alcoholic beverage of choice is tasty and you want another one, or several.
_Uzkapt uz korka_--to step on a cork--to start a drinking binge.
_Plostot_--to drift on a raft--a drinking binge.

Pg. 29, col. 1:
PIRAGI--beef, ham, or cabbage baked in dough
PELEKIE ZIMI--grey peas usually served with fried bacon and onions
KARBONADE--Latvian pork shops, like a schnitzel
KUPINATA VISTA--smoked chicken
CUKAS STILBINS--a huge chunk of pork leg still on the bone
SPROTES--smoked sprats in oil; like sardines
NEGI--lampreys (Neunaugen auf Deutsch)
ZUSI--eels (in season)
KLINGERIS--baked sweet, yellow dough with raisins and nuts; Latvian birthday cake
RUPJMAIZE--rye bread
SALDSKABMAIZE--"sweet & sour" bread

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