Where is the "head shop"?

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        A further antedating:  The defendant in July 1969 operated the Head
Shop in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The defendant's shop sold a 14-year-old
girl a button inscribed "Copulation Not Masturbation."  The New Hampshire
Supreme Court actually affirmed a 30-day jail sentence and $100 fine for
contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  On appeal, the U.S. Supreme
Court reversed, not for the obvious First Amendment reason but for failure
of proof that the defendant personally sold the button to the girl.  State
of New Hampshire v. Vachon, 113 N.H. 239, 306 A.2d 781 (1973), rev'd, 414
U.S. 478 (1974).

John Baker

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> Here's a still earlier citation:
> 1970 _Journal of Health and Social Behavior_ XI. 333  In this writer's
> opinion one could learn more about the drug culture by spending the price
> of this compendium on a ticket to _Easy Rider_ and a trip to a head shop.
> Fred Shapiro

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