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 Peter wrote:
>But I'm actually writing about another word.  When I first became aware of
>daffodils, which was when we moved to Oregon in the 50s, I was only aware
>of two varieties of this general type of flower: the standard all-yellow
>daffodil with (to adopt Snake's terminology) a standard-size "horn," and
>another variety with white or near-white "rays" and a horn that was orange
>and much smaller than that of the "standard" daffodil.  My Oregon relatives
>(well, actually, my great-aunt, who had grown up in Oklahoma) called these
>latter "butter-and-eggs."  That name has stuck with me, but I don't think
>I've heard anyone else use it in years.  Is anybody else familiar with it?
This is an example of a common name's being shared by different plants.
"Butter-and-eggs" is the common name of a wild snapdragon also called
"Toadflax" (/Linaria vulgaris/),  for which Britton & Brown list 16 other
common names, as well!
As I recall, the closely-related /Linaria dalmatia/ is the Pac NW example
of  Butter-and-eggs.
A. Murie

A&M Murie
N. Bangor NY
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