David M. Robertson dmsnake at USIT.NET
Wed Jun 20 02:08:14 UTC 2001

Dennis R. Preston wrote:

> Snake,
> Actually, I am not in line with you at all. What I wrote (and I guess
> I wasn't clear about) was the botanical classification (in which, as
> you say, daffodils and jonquils are subsets of narcissus). For me
> personally, although buttercups don't belong to the same "branch,"
> the truth is that I have no dominating term although I recognize the
> group. For me "narcissuses" are "big" daffodils, and jonquils are
> another flower altogether (go figger!). Daffodils and narcissuses
> together are those big yaller and white early blooming critters, got
> long narrer green leaves, etc...

You were more than sufficiently clear. Maybe I wasn't. What I meant to get
across was that I am in line with you about the fact that a buttercup is a
totally different thing from the narcissus/daffodil/jonquil conglomerate. BTW -
waht does "jonquil" mean to you?


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