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<< I am a senior English major at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.  My senior
thesis is entitled; "The Demise of the English Language: â ™Like, Ya Know,
Whatever." Recent studies have shown that the average teenâ ™s vocabulary is
less than half of what it was only forty years ago.  Through interviews and
this e-mail questionnaire with Americaâ ˜s leading English and Sociology
professors, as well as editors and columnists, I will be examining this
frightening trend.
    Attached to this letter are three questions that require short answers.
Your response would tremendously help my work.  Thank you for your time.


Lauren Reynolds
Hamilton College, Class of 2002
198 College Hill Rd.
Clinton, NY 13323


Question 1) What examples have you seen to substantiate the demise of the
English language? Is there one heinous offense that drives you insane?

Question 2) What are the major causes of Englishâ ™s decline? Who is
responsible for the butchering of our once illustrious language?

Question 4) What solutions are needed to save English or are we doomed? >>

I assume this is a joke? Not only is the language dying, the young of today
can't even count to three!  Obviously, we should all just eat bananas and
head for the trees.

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