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Wed Jun 20 17:40:14 UTC 2001

Thanks, Gareth. I saw a large number of citations in which the journalists
must have simply parroted the auto industry's usage. The following from the
Detroit News is typical:

"As it was from the beginning, EDS is still a key strategic arm of GM
worldwide. It continues as a major player in the automaker's engineering,
manufacturing and communications systems, and has moved importantly into the
marketing end of the business through telematics -- the provision of a wide
range of in-vehicle digital information and entertainment services."

So if the original drift was begun by the industry, the acceleration of that
drift is being caused by journalists of who don't know any better or who
don't think it matters to the story, which is a shame either way.


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> It's not necessarily journalists who've misunderstood the usage,
> it's the auto industry that has changed it.

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