Russian Cuisine

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Thu Jun 21 13:13:05 UTC 2001

text by Lydia Liakhovskaya
P-2 Art Publishers
136 pages, soft cover

   Greetings from an internet cafe in Saint Petersburg.  When I signed on, I got another person's AOL mail, then my mail...The Hermitage is badly in need of some 21st century updating.  The stuff from Tajikistan I was told was there _wasn't_ there...I go home on Friday.
   This is the ONLY book on cuisine that's sold, but it's sold EVERYWHERE.  There are pictures from the Podvoriye Restaurant, a wonderful place where my group had delicious bilberry blinis.  The restaurant is near the Pavlovsk Palace (where I saw the "gossipers" vases).
   Some items:

Pg. 27:  Moscow Rasstegai with Mushrooms and Rice
Pg. 29:  Kurnik (Chicken Pie)
Pg. 33:  Kulebyaka with Meat
Pg. 43:  Green Shchi or Sorrel Soup
Pg. 68:  Pelmeni (Pasta Poaches) with Meat Filling
Pg. 72:  Draniki (Potato Pancakes)
Pg. 80:  Vatrushkas (Open Cottage Cheese or Jam Cakes)
         Shangi (Vatrushkas with Mashed Potatoes)
Pg. 81:  Kalitkas (Rye Vatrushkas)
Pg. 84:  Name-Day Cake
Pg. 112:  Sochivo (Christmas Dish)
Pg. 118:  Honey Cake: Petrushka

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