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Perhaps we've gone overboard on this topic ?
(Though I confess my curiosity is piqued by
the euphonious USS Deluded People Cave In.)

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> It is interesting to note that back in 1863 the Union Navy anticipated this
> thread, purchasing for war service tugboats named "Iris", "Jonquil", and
> "Narcissus."
> There has never been a USS Buttercup, but in 1863 the Union Navy also
> purchased tugs and other ocean-going ships named "Acacia", "Althea",
> "Buckthorn", "Cactus", "Camelia", "Carnation", "Clover", "Cowslip",
> "Geranium", "Heliotrope", "Honeysuckle", "Hydrangea", "Jasmine", "Larkspur",
> "Lilac", "Marigold", "Oleander", "Poppy", "Primrose", "Sunflower", "Sweet
> Briar", and "Tulip".  Add to this the Mississippi River gunboat USS Paw Paw.
> This is perhaps the world's first apparition of flower power.
> 1863 perhaps marked the greatest, uh, flowering of names in the history of
> the US Navy.  Other ships and river boats "acquired" that year included the
> USS Dai Ching, the USS Iron Age, the USS Britannia, the USS Wave, the USS
> New
> Era Number Five, and that most cost-effective warship in US Naval history,
> the USS Deluded People Cave In.
>        - Jim Landau (at the moment somewhat awash in nautical names)

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