Baker, John JBaker at STRADLEY.COM
Fri Jun 22 13:47:53 UTC 2001

        I thought Jim Landau was joshing us when he referred to the USS
Deluded People Cave In.  The overrated Google.com found nothing, but
Alltheweb.com came up with the following, at
http://addy.com/mhegener/HEM/173.00/mj_clmn_gs.html, from a review of The
Civil War for Kids by Janis Herbert (Chicago Review Press, 1999):

>>During the long seige of Vicksburg, Union Admiral David Porter disguised a
coal barge to look like a gunboat, complete with fake cannons made of logs,
and sent it floating down the Mississippi River. A Confederate boat,
spotting it, fled. Eventually the barge ran aground on a sandbar and the
chagrined Rebels discovered the hoax. The fake gunboat, once they got close
enough to inspect it, turned out to be flying the skull and crossbones and
carrying a large sign reading "Deluded people, cave in!" <<

John Baker

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> Perhaps we've gone overboard on this topic ?
> (Though I confess my curiosity is piqued by
> the euphonious USS Deluded People Cave In.)

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