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>Studies in the History of the English Language II:  SHEL-2
>Place: University of Washington in Seattle
>Date:  March 22-24, 2002
>Abstract Deadline:  October 15, 2001
>Website: http://staff.washington.edu/kke/shel2
>We invite interested participants to submit abstracts for 20-minute
>papers on any linguistic or philological aspect of the history of
>English, including (but not limited to) historical phonology,
>morphology, syntax, semantics, stylistics, sociolinguistics, metrics.
>One-page abstracts in three copies, unidentified except by the cover
>sheet should be submitted by October 15, 2001 (please include your name,
>institutional affiliation, paper title, complete mailing address, phone,
>e-mail, and fax number on the cover sheet). These will be taken as
>submissions for anonymous review. You may send the abstract to the
>conference organizer at:
>                         Professor Anne Curzan
>                         Department of English
>                         Box 354330
>                         University of Washington
>                         Seattle, WA 98195-4330
>You may also e-mail the abstract as a Word attachment to
><acurzan at u.washington.edu>. Or visit the SHEL-2 website for an on-line
>submission form (available in the next few weeks).
>While we wish to separate very clearly the research aspects, which we
>consider our primary focus, and the pedagogical aspects, we recognize
>that most of the likely participants are engaged professionally in the
>teaching of courses on the history of English. We will, therefore, hold
>a full morning workshop on HEL pedagogy on Sunday morning for interested
>participants. Prospective participants can contact Anne Curzan with an
>expression of interest and/or a proposal for a workshop session
>(acurzan at u.washington.edu).
>Conference Purpose and Objectives:
>         The first Studies in the History of the English Language
>Conference (SHEL-1), organized by Donka Minkova and Robert Stockwell and
>held at UCLA in May 2000, brought together many of the top scholars in
>English historical linguistics, as well as promising new scholars, for a
>fascinating and wide-ranging program highlighting exciting developments
>in the field. The conference proved a successful first step in fostering
>conversation and energy around the research in this field in the United
>States, and we look forward to an equally exciting SHEL-2 conference in
>Seattle in March, 2002.
>         By way of background: in Europe the biennial conferences known
>as ICEHL (International Conference on English Historical Linguistics)
>have served the field of English Language Studies extremely well, giving
>the field both focus and recognition that it almost certainly would not
>have achieved otherwise. In North America, despite the presence of many
>major scholars in the field, Historical English Linguistics -- the
>History of the English Language told in the light of contemporary
>linguistic sophistication ^V has not emerged with the same kind of
>recognizable personality. Many scholars who do this kind of work are to
>a significant extent servants also of other fields such as general
>linguistics, English medieval studies, American dialectology, applied
>linguistics and teacher training.
>         Our goal in organizing SHEL is to begin to provide the same kind
>of focus for English Historical Linguistics in North America as the
>focus achieved in Europe by the ICEHL series, in North America for
>Germanic Linguistics by GLAC (Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference),
>for American Dialectology by the American Dialect Society, for Social
>Dialectology by
>NWAVE, and of course for General Linguistics by the LSA. We are not in
>competition with any of these series or organizations; we believe,
>however, that a weekend meeting dedicated entirely to linguistic issues
>in the History of English will continue to be an energizing and useful
>academic experience for both established and emerging scholars in the
>As we are still a fairly new venture, and we are keeping our goals
>modest for now: no organization, just a high-level conference. For more
>information about the conference, please see our website:

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