Linebarger (was: Black PR (Russian journalism))

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"James A. Landau" <JJJRLandau at AOL.COM> quoth:

P.S. to Mark Mandel---according to one source (unfortunately no longer in my
library) the OSS's specialist in black propaganda was Professor Paul Myron
Anthony Linebarger, who ran the supposedly German radio station
"Soldatensender Calais" for the OSS.  However, another source says that
Linebarger was in China at the time.  You are probably familiar with
Linebarger, but under his pen-name.

Indeed! "Cordwainer Smith" is one of the greats of sf and one of my
favorites. His work has been recently republished by NESFA Press ( ):

     _The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of
Cordwainer Smith_
 and the related _Concordance to Cordwainer Smith_ by Anthony R. Lewis

Some years ago in the line of my work (linguistics for speech recognition)
I received an email inquiry from a teacher whose last name was Linebarger.
Though it wasn't strictly necessary, I was so curious that I answered by
phoning her. Yes, indeed, she was his daughter.

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