Kielbasy (1938)

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   "Kielbasa" is in the OED from 1953, coined by Saul Bellow.
   DARE has 1950.
   M-W has "circa 1939."
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 6 July 1938, pg. 16, col. 8:

   WHOLESALE SALE--Fifteen imported delicatessan items go on sale this morning at wholesale prices.  Lachsschinken, a small smoked loin of pork from Poland, usually 98 cents, is 69 cents for this sale.  Westphalian style ham is 64 cents, usually 98 cents.  Krakauer (coarse pork sausage) is 44 cents, as against its year-around price of 69 cents.  Serve this sliced cold, or fried lightly with eggs.  Kielbasy, smoked cured veal, is 44 cents, formerly 69 cents.  Buy these items by the pound or in tins, saving 3 to 5 cents a pound from the sale prices stated.  A long line of imported sausages includes fine liverwurst, country-style liverwurst (coarser sausage with bits of bacon through it), calf's liverwurst, mettwurst, teawurst, bloodwurst--all in five-pound tins at 3 cents a pound under wholesale prices.  In the same shop there is a special this week on Polish ham sliced at 59 cents, 20 cents a pound saving.

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