Vegan prescriptivism

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Jun 29 15:20:48 UTC 2001

>... Is one of these preferred (cats and dogs, dogs and cats)?  Are they
>interchangeable? Do the 'cat' and 'dog' metaphorically refer to anything
>(i.e., are they two types of speculative securities being referred to

I think they're interchangeable. I've heard both; I've never heard them
distinguished (except "dog" = "poorly performing stock", etc., which I
suppose to be unrelated). I think this may be used like "odds and ends"
sometimes, for minor/unclassified elements in a portfolio.

>... I've never heard 'veganism' pronounced with a soft 'g'!

"Gaol" [so written] with /dZ/ is mostly British, "veganism" with /dZ/
mostly US (I think), "margarine" with /dZ/ ecumenical ... but I've mostly
avoided these three unhappy subjects (knock on wood). (^_~)*> [<--
head-knocking emoticon, extemporaneous]

I've mostly heard "vegan" /vEdZ at n/ (meaning "herbivore") ... but mostly
"Vegan" /vig at n/ (meaning "resident of the vicinity of the star Vega" or
so). I have little need for these words, although I suppose it is remotely
possible that I might emigrate to Vega some day, given some technological
breakthroughs ... if they have good food there ....

-- Doug Wilson

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