Vegan prescriptivism

Charles Wells charles at FREUDE.COM
Fri Jun 29 16:21:43 UTC 2001

In Oberlin, there are many vegans, and everyone I have ever heard pronounce
it uses a hard g.  There is waffling about the vowel, but veegan seems to
occur more often than vaygan.

--Charles Wells

>>I was actually looking to find other expressions where dog/cat are
>>contrasted (other than 'raining cats & dogs' and 'fight like cats & dogs').
>Referring to stocks, etc.: e.g.:
>When "ga" is (unusually) pronounced with "soft 'g'" (/dZ/), is some special
>semantic baggage conveyed? Consider "margarine", "veganism", "gaol". (^_^)
>-- Doug Wilson

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