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The info that George Cole provides below is indeed for the Curme grammar
that I recommended the other day.  Thanks, George.

Frank Abate

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I'm sending this note to you, mainly for verification.  You can forward
it if you wish.

I think that the Curme work that you mention is:

A Grammar of the English Language, by George O. Curme, first published
in 1935, with the 5th Verbatim printing June 1983.  Verbatim added
Vol. 1: Parts of Speech  ISBN:  0-930454-02-2 (Vol. 1)
Vol. 2: Syntax           ISBN:  0-930454-01-4 (Vol. 2)
                        ISBN:  0-930454-03-0  (Set)

I found an Amazon.com listing at (same ISBN, but now Gale Group):

George S. Cole  gscole at ark.ship.edu
Shippensburg University

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