Samarkand Restaurant; Fairy cleaner

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Mon May 7 17:12:14 UTC 2001


   There is some kind of kitchen cleaner here in Uzbekistan called "Fairy."  I saw a tv ad and I've seen it sold everywhere.
   "Fairy" and "Barf."  What a way to clean a country!


   The CRYSTAL RESTAURANT here in Samarkand has an English menu with the following:

Salad "Sharlotta"
"Capuletti" salad
"President" salad
"Stolichny" salad
"Exotic Randevy" salad
"Gezdz" salad
Servelat sausage (salami)
Sausage "tourist"
Holodez  (A jelly, I was told--ed.)
Maryshell with parisienne
Shpikachki (fried sausages)
Djiz-biz (I'd seen it twice as Jiz-Biz--ed.)
Roast Beef "Charodeika"
Stuffed Meat "Titanic"  (There is a Titanic chewing gum and a Titanic chocolate, both with a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on them.  The chocolate is awful--ed.)
Chopped mutton meat "Fantastic"
Cutlets "Stolichnaya"
Cutlets "Olympia"  (I was told that these two cutlets are offered everywhere--ed.)

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