Manos (Kyrgyzstan epic poem); Kyrgyzstan food

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu May 10 16:15:08 UTC 2001

Thanks Jesse.
I didn't mean to criticize the OED for its choices but to point out that
if I were looking for place names, I wouldn't look in the OED or
a dictionary at all, but in a gazetteer or an atlas; and, for Kyrgyzstan,
in one published after 1992.

maberry at

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:

> > The OED is seems very selective in citing place names and is certainly not
> > as useful a source for them as a gazetteer. E.g., OED online 1989 ed.
> > lists Hungary, but not Latvia or Lithuania. I wouldn't expect a 1989
> > work to list countries created after 1991.
> The OED is not and has never been intended to be useful as a gazetteer.
> The reason _Hungary_ is included is that we have evidence for it as
> an attributive (chiefly in _Hungary water_), and not that we think it's
> more worthy than Latvia or Lithuania. If we had evidence for, say,
> _Latvia hat_ we would put it in.
> Jesse Sheidlower

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