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The Great Campaign
Kirghiz heoric epos
Translated by Walter May
Kyrgyz Branch of the International Centre,
"Traditional Cultures and Environments"
National Academy of Sciences of the Kirghiz Republic
Institute of Arts and Letters
367 pages, hardcover

   This is only the first part.
   "EXPLANATORY VOCABULARY" is on pages 344-367.

Pg. 360:
MALAKAI--A fur hat with wide earflaps and close-fitting neckpiece.
MARALDU--literally stag.  Watering place for stags.  A small stream.
MATA--a rought white cotton-like material, made from shrubbery.
MENDYU--in the epic a war-cry used by Chinese and Kalmaks alike.
MIRZA--a master, a lord, an aristocrat, a man of noble extraction.
MOLDO--1. a learned man, specially one knowing Arabic.  2. A teacher of the old school.  3. A Mussulman priest of Mullah.  4.  A Mussulman scribe, employed by a master.  In general a wise man.

Pg. 361:
MURSHAP (Mirshap)--the chief of the night watch in Kokand.  In the epic used to indicate the military rank of guardsman, or sentry.

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