National Cooking Of Kazakhs

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   Greetings from Almaty, Kazakhstan.  The space tourism thing was great.  Everyone should have twenty million dollars...Wait, that wasn't me.
   Almaty means Father Apple...The internet was out all day yesterday here...I head home later today.

230 pages, hardcover, Russian/English/German
Alma-Ata (Almaty)

Pg. 11:  Kazy.
Pg. 12:  Shuzhuk.
Pg. 16:  Zhaya.
Pg. 17:  Zhal...Karta.
Pg. 26:  Salad "Shalgam" (made of radishes).
Pg. 47:  Sorpa in the Kazakh manner...Balyk sorpa (fish broth).
Pg. 49:  Kespe with poultry.
Pg. 52:  Salma.
Pg. 69:  Kuyrdak.
Pg. 74:  Basturma.
Pg. 76:  Tostik (brisket)...Manty.
Pg. 79:  Zhuta.
Pg. 82:  Orama.
Pg. 89:  Beldeme (lamb's saddle).
Pg. 98:  Lagman.
Pg. 110:  Plov in the Kazakh style.
Pg. 121:  Taba-nan (wheat bread).
Pg. 124:  Kazanzhappai (bread baked in a cauldron).
Pg. 125:  Baursaks.
Pg. 130:  Shelpek.
Pg. 134:  Flat cakes "Damdy-nan".
Pg. 136:  Kuimak (a kind of thick pancakes).
Pg. 137:  Belyashes.
Pg. 138:  Chebureks.
Pg. 139:  Samsa.
Pg. 156:  Chak-chak.
Pg. 176:  Kurt...Sarysu.
Pg. 177:  Suzbe...Balkaimak (honey sour cream).
Pg. 181:  Zhent--the Kazakh chocolate....Kazyzhent.
Pg. 182:  Zhanyshpa...Suzhzhent.
Pg. 188:  Turniyaz.
Pg. 197:  Kumys (fermented mare's milk).
Pg. 198:  Shubat (fermented camel's milk).
Pg. 230:
Burdyuk, torsyk--special leather bags for making and storage of sour milk products
Dzhusai--fragrant garlic
Kazan--cast iron cauldron
Kaskan--multilayered pan for making steamed dishes
Kese, piala--chine cups without grips
Toi--festive dinner


Pg. 20:  The main traditional dish of Kazakhs is besbarmak.  It is mostly served for the guests and eaten by hands (bes barmak--means five fingers).  Besbarmak is usually cooked of fat mutton and parts of smoked horse meat and horse delicacies like _kazy_ and _shyzhyk_.  The meat is boiled and separately is boiled thin paste.  Boiled parts of meat are put on the paste and spiced with a special flavoring called _tuzdyk_.  As the custom demands the host serves the meal in special crockery--_tabak_.  The _bas-tabak_, which is placed before the most honourable guests is used to serve the mutton head, _zhambas_, horse meat delicacy and other bits and parts from the head and offers them to the other guests at the table.

(Ah, to be home and have pizza--ed.)

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