Kazakh Musical Instruments; CIS & Eurasianism

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   There is a museum of musical instruments right across from my hotel here in Almaty.  I just bought a series of postcards of Kazakh Folk Musical Instruments.  I couldn't find a single one in the OED.

DOMBRA--perhaps the most famous Kazakh instrument.  "Its case is made of wood and its strings of thinly stranded guts of a goat or sheep."
KOPYRAU--"is a set of bells of various musical keys."
ZHETYGEN--"(translated as 'seven strings') resembles such instruments as lute, gusli or harp."
SAZ SYRNAI--"(translated as 'sand and soil') A mouth musical instrument."
SHANKOBYZ--"is a variety of a mouth-instrument in the form of a horseshoe with an attached steel reed."
DAUYLPAZ--"is an ancient percussion instrument."
SYBYZGY--"was made of wood...."  (Like a flute--ed.)
NARKOBYZ--"Is a stringed instrument ('nar' means 'camel')."
ASATAYAK--"was used in the past together with kyl-kobyz anddongyra to accompany ritual melodies and shaman's (baksy's) misteries."
DONGYRA--"is the most widespread percussion instrument."


   From THE SURVEY (Almaty), 15 May 2001, pg. 2:

_CIS in the search of new paradigm: eurasianism revisited_

CIS--Commonwealth Independent States.  Not in OED????

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