Pecan Pie (1924)

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   Sorry for the delay, but I didn't find many "pecan pie" cites in Uzbekistan.
   From SOUTHERN FOOD: AT HOME, ON THE ROAD, IN HISTORY (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1987; University of North Carolina Press, 1993) by John Egerton, pg. 334:

_Pecan Pie_
   Probably no other dessert is more closely identified with the South today than pecan pie--and yet, surprisingly, recipes for it were not commonly found in the region's cookbooks until about fifty years ago.  Molasses pie, which is essentially pecan pie without pecans, was a Southern favorite early in the nineteenth century and perhaps even before that, but not even the comprehensive _Picayune Creole Cook Book_ (1901) added pecans to the molasses recipe.  No (Pg. 335--ed.) one seems to know when and where the combination was first tried.  Once it did appear, though, it spread quickly.  Fannie Farmer and_Joy of Cooking_ and other nationally famed cookbooks added recipes for pecan pie in the 1940s, and now it is considered a national dessert.

   John Edgerton also wrote the introduction for a reprint of Martha McCulloch-Williams's DISHES & BEVERAGES OF THE OLD SOUTH (1913).  No pecan pie here.
   OED has "pecan pie" in 1936.  I haven't looked at DARE (the volume isn't printed).
   AMERICAN COOKERY magazine (BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL MAGAZINE is the early title) has "Pecan Cake...252" for Summer 1896-Spring 1897.  There are other pecan "cakes" for the next twenty years (but not "pie").
   AMERICAN COOKERY has "Pecan Pie...198" for June/July 1924-May 1925.
   MAMMY'S COOKBOOK (1927) by Katharin Bell (see for full cite) has "pecan pie...84."

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