Inter-library loan "wish list"

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Sun May 27 20:57:24 UTC 2001

   Gerald Cohen told me that RESTAURANTS OF PUERTO RICO (Gourmet International, 1961) arrived and does NOT have "pina colada."  Perhaps that's notable, though.
   Here's an interlibrary loan "wish list" that I don't want to burden the NYPL's understaffed department with:

   NICKNAMES (1967), U.S. Dept. of the Air Force, Directorate of Administrative Services.  WorldCat has three places, with one being the Air Force Hist. Supp. Off. in DC.
   CURRENT TRENDS IN NONSTANDARD LANGUAGE OF THE NAVAL AIR FORCE (1962) by Anthony Austin.  An MA thesis at the University of Florida, which is the only place that has it.

   GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED IN VARIETY, VAUDEVILLE, REVUE & PANTOMINE, 1880-1960 (1996) by Valantyne Napier.  Only Tufts has it in the U.S.  Not even the great NYPL Lincoln Center library has it.  A Brit glossary, but definitely of interest.

   STRONG WORDS: MEDICAL SLANG (1994) by Sally Williams.  Her MA thesis at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is the only place that has it.

   TAMPA SPANISH SLANG (WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION) (1966) by Adrian Cherry.  Available at the University of Arizona, and then only in Florida.

   BARNES DICTIONARY OF UTAH SLANG (1966) by Claude T. Barnes.  Available at Brigham Young University.

   A SOUTHWESTERN DICTIONARY (1939) by Rose Jeanne Carlisle.  Her MA thesis at the University of New Mexico, which is the only place that has it.  A chance, perhaps, for "chimichanga."

   STUDIES IN CURRENT ADOLESCENT SLANG (1965) by Nancy Jean Eaton.  Her MA thesis at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, which is the only place that has it.  Has Lighter looked at it?

   UNDERWORLD SLANG (1936) by Convict 12627.  Available only at the Tennessee State Library & Archives.  Has Lighter looked at it?
   THE LANGUAGE OF GANGS (1962) by Anthony Romeo.  Published by the NY Mobilization for Youth, but available only at Georgetown and Ohio State.  Has Lighter looked at it?

COOKBOOKS (there are loads)
   FAVORITE RECIPES (1950) by The Church, Manila.  The earliest English cookbook from the Philippines, available only at Radcliffe.
   COOK'S COOK BOOK (1912) by Susumu Ichitaro Ohata.  On microfilm only at the University of Chicago.  Possible first use of "sukiyaki" and other Japanese terms.
   CHINESE-JAPANESE COOK BOOK (1914) by Sara Bosse and Onoto Watanna.  Also on microfilm at the University of Chicago, also of interest for "sukiyaki."

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