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"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..."

   There are TWO "Sunshine Coasts"--Brisbane, Australia and Vancouver, British Columbia.
   A WorldCat search shows several books for both, but not really before the 1980s.  Brisbane is now advertising for the Goodwill Games.
   From the NEW YORK TIMES, travel section 10 (I was looking for a pina colada or caipirinha cocktail), 9 May 1965, pg. 27, col. 2:

   VANCOUVER, B.C.--An 85-mile stretch of scenic shoreline running northwest from this British Columbian metropolis has been dubbed the Sunshine Coast, and with ample justification.


   OED does have one 1964 cite.
   From the NEW YORK TIMES, travel section 10, 9 May 1965, pg. 40, col. 4:

   With Jamaica now going into its third year of independence, this year's festival from July 30 to Aug. 2 will be the largest (Col. 5--ed.) and most important to be held.  As the capital of "Ska," a Jamaican dance that has been described as a calypso combination of the monkey, the swim, the watusi, the jump-in, the shake and possibly some other dances, the island's period of festivities this year may take on much of the abandon that dominates the pre-Lenten carnivals of Trinidad and Creole-speaking French and British islands.

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