Treasure Coast; Puerto Rican Baseball

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   WorldCat shows INDIAN RIVER: FLORIDA'S TREASURE COAST (1965) by Walter R. Hellier.  DARE?
   I spotted this in the NEW YORK TIMES, travel section 10, 20 June 1965, pg. 31, col. 1:

By C. E. Wright
   FORT PIERCE, Fla.--What has been called the Treasure Coast--that part of Florida lying between Cape Kennedy and West Palm Beach but mainly in the vicinity of this city, was invaded by treasure hunters this spring.


   From the NEW YORK TIMES, travel section 10, 28 February 1965, pg. 64, col. 2:

   Many American baseball terms, such as "hit" and "home run," are used, but there is a special Puerto Rican flavor when the pinch-hitter is announced as an _emergente_.  This lends a real sense of emergency to the situation.
_Into the Forest_
   Outfielders are cheerfully dubbed "foresters," perhaps recalling some earlier day when the field was so small that the man in the outfield really was out under the trees.

(As long as he wasn't out in left field--ed.)

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