Caipirinha (1960)

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This is the worst recipe for caipirinha I have ever read. The lime
skins must be crushed to extract the pungent oil; never simply
combined in the drink.

dInIs (a caipira from Southern Indiana; "hillbilly" would be a much
more to the point translation than "simple person from the interior")

>    I wrote a reply to the International Herald Tribune about
>Brazil's attempts to ban "hot dog," but I suppose it wasn't
>published.  I mentioned that I've also worked on Brazil's cuisine
>with absolutely no help from anybody there.
>    For the record, this is the earliest on Brazil's drink:
>by Dolores Botafogo
>1960; originally published by Doubleday & Co., NY
>1993; Hippocrene Paperback Edition
>1999; Third Printing
>Pg. 21 (Introduction):
>    He is a _caipira_  (simple person of the interior).
>Pg. 217:
>296. HILLBILLY COCKTAIL (Caipirinha)
>    10 minutes
>grated rind of 1 lemon
>lemon juice
>_cachaca_ or rum
>crushed ice
>    Mix lemon rind with enough sugar to give a sweet taste.  Take
>equal parts of lemon juice and _cachaca_ or rum.  Sieve the lemon
>sugar into this.  Serve it with a little crushed ice.  You may leave
>out the sugared lemon peel if you wish.

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