G. A.R./VFW/American Legion

Steve Hicks Hixmaddog at AOL.COM
Tue May 29 21:41:54 UTC 2001

I think American Legion and V.F.W.
both admit Korean War, Vietnam, and
Gulf War vets, don't they ?

The American Legion used to have a
special group called "40 and 8," I
think, that was exclusively for WW I
vets (?).  The name came from dough-
boys' amusement at the chalked desig-
nation on French railway cars, "40/8,"
indicating the particular car could carry
40 soldiers and 8 horses.

"Veterans of Foreign Wars"....who does
the name exclude, except that swarm of
Civil War veterans who are clamoring for
admission ?

                                           Steve Hicks

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