Eating in Mexico (1963)

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Wed May 30 02:27:17 UTC 2001

by Amando Farga
Mexican Restaurant Association

   This is an interesting book, although there are no real antedates for Mexican food.  A chapter "T. T." begins on page 271.

Pg. 273:
   DON'T BLAME the food in Mexico if you happen to be one of those who has run into an unscheduled interlude, which has come to be known as "T. T." or "Tourist Trots", sometimes as "The Turistas" or, by those who can smile through it all, as "Moctezuma's Revenge" or "the Aztec two-step".

Pg. 285 (Bibliography):
GASTRONOMIA--A professional periodical started in 1930 by the National Gastronomic Federation.

HOTELES MEXICANOS--Monthly organ of the Mexican Hotel Association, founded in 1941 and still published.

ASOCIACION NACIONAL DE TECNICOS GASTRONOMICOS--Under the motto, "For the improvement of the gastronomic art," this assoication was founded in January of 1947, and published various bulletins aimed at professional education, and a "Technical Guide for Hotels and Restaurants" written by the technician Adrian Garcia Andreu.

Pg. 286:
MANTELES LARGOS--12 issues appeared of this magazine for the layman, directed by the author of "El Libro de Oro del Barman" (The Barman's Golden Book), Faustino Vidal, a restaurant expert.

RESTAURANTE--In October, 1951, this magazine appeared as the monthly organ of the Mexican Restaurant Association, founded in 1948.  This publication has continued to appear without interruption, and is dedicated to the education and training of personnel in this field.  It is the only one of its kind in Spanish-speaking America, and from its founding has been directed by the author of the present book.

MEXICO GOURMET--In 1957 this booklet was published by the Mexican Restaurant Association, and in 1959 was reprinted by the _Compania Mexicana de Aviacion_ (CMA).  It is an illustrated booklet, in English, describing the special qualities and features of Mexican cooking that might be of interest to the traveling public.

(Where are all of these??  Most useful, for the "Margarita" cocktail, will be the BARMAN'S GOLDEN BOOK.  Where is GASTRONOMIA?--ed.)

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