Prayformance; Aaaaaaaaaaah!

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Wed May 30 02:06:45 UTC 2001


   At, Jeanne Moos profiles a New York City performance artist called Thoth (
   He uses the term "prayformance."


   Not a day goes by...
   Two from the Dow Jones news database.

5/29/2001, THE GLEANER
   New York got it's (sic) Big Apple nickname from former financiers, who resorted to selling apples during the Great Depression--dressed in their full suits.  The charade became known as the Big Apple scam.

   Think of the New York (sic) with its "Big Apple" tag.  It arose by accident when a brothel keeper changed her name from Evelyn to Eve and her ladies were named "Eve's Apples."  The Apple Marketing Board then sanitised it with "An apple a day..." and New York got an appealing nickname known round the world.  No government got near the origins of that one, you can be sure.

(Can't ANYONE use an internet search engine???--ed.)

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