Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

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Sun Sep 2 19:41:55 UTC 2001

   G'day from Gdynia, part of the tri-city area with Gdansk.
   From USA TODAY, Friday, 31 August-2 September 2001 (a three-day, blockbuster USA TODAY), pg. 11B, col. 3:

   Dubbed Bemani games (for "beat mania"), they include contests that involve strumming guitars, beating drums and playing keyboards.

(Col. 5 box--ed.)

_The DDR experience_

_Bar hugger:_  Novice player who relies too heavily on the support bar that backs DDR's dance platform.
_Bong Thomas:_  Trick move in which expert player grabs the bar to swing around it, circling the dance floor in the process.
_Catastrophic:_  The highest level of DDR play.
_Great attack:_  When a player is aiming for the most "perfect" sequences possible.
_Hand plant:_  Using a hand to slap the dance floor arrow.
_Hidden:_  Experts only: a level of play in which the monitor's arrows disappear before reaching the top of the screen, requiring the players to memorize the routine.
_Left foot only:_  Or LFO, just as it sound; using only that foot to play.  Also RFO.
_Matrix walk:_  Using the bar, the player lifts up horizontal to the floor and places feet on the screen; frowned on by the arcade owners.


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