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Mon Sep 3 13:24:32 UTC 2001

   Greetings from Gdansk.  I'm sorry--I did not mean to say that there were only two cities in the tri-city area.  I'll be visiting the smallest--Sopot--in about an hour.
   Zapiekanka (or "Zapiekanki" for plural) was "baked sandwich" in the English on one sign.
   From TORUN FROM A TO Z (Gdansk, 2000), "Definitions of selected terms appearing in the guide," pg. 68:

"kaszownik"--a type of machicolation in the gate wall, used to smite the enemy from above once the portcullis has been forced open.  (OED?--ed.)

(Torun is famous for Copernicus, but also has great gingerbread.  I don't have a unique OED entry/suggestion for gingerbread, though--ed.)

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