Allen Walker Read has TWO new books

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Mon Sep 3 03:45:50 UTC 2001

In addition to the $89 collection of Allen Walker Read's onomastics essays
that Gerald Cohen refers to (_America--Naming The Country And Its People_.),
the Duke University Press will publish, as the next volume in the Publication
of the American Dialect Society Series, a collection of Read's other
linguistic essays.

Because this is the NEXT issue of PADS, all members of the American Dialect
Society will receive this book free of charge.

The title of the book is _Milestones in the History of English in America_.

It is edited by Richard W. Bailey (The University of Michigan)

Table of Contents:
Preface by Richard W. Bailey
Introduction  by Richard W. Bailey
Essays by Allen Walker Read:
•Early American English
•Milestones in the Branching of British and American English
•The Embattled Dominance of English in the United States
•The Impact of 'Ethnicity' on Attitudes toward the English Language
•British Recognition of American Speech in the Eighteenth-Century
•Amphi-Atlantic English
•The Assimilation of the Speech of British Immigrants in Colonial America
•The Distinguishing Features of American Talk
•Words Indicating Social Status in America in the Eighteenth Century
•The Allegiance to Dictionaries in American Linguistic Attitudes
•O. K.
•The Evidence on 'OK'
•The First Stage in the History of 'O. K.'
•The Second Stage in the History of 'O. K.'
•Later Stages in the History of 'O. K.'
•Successive Revisions in the Explanation of 'O. K.'
•The Folklore of 'O. K.'
•Sticking to Facts:  A letter to Howard Berthoff
•The F-Word
•An Obscenity Symbol
•A Type of Ostentatious Taboo
•Where Does the Word Come From?  (Some Letters).
•A Life in Language
•A Personal Journey through Linguistics
•The Cavalcade of Scholars in American English since 1925
•Rhodes Scholar

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