Allen Walker Read's new book

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Mon Sep 3 01:48:37 UTC 2001

     I have received word that the eminent scholar Allen Walker Read
(now in his 90's) has a book coming out entitled _America--Naming The
Country And Its People_. (The Edwin Mellen Press/Order Fulfillment
Dept., PO Box 450/Lewiston, NY 14092-0450.)----customer service
e-mail" cs at

     Cost: $89 + $5.00 for shipping & handling. Discounts of 20% for
individuals who use their Mastercard, Visa or American express and
order by phone--U.S./Canada (716) 754-2788; U.K. (01570) 423-356

      The flyer says:

"This book does an important service to scholarship by rescuing the
hitherto scattered and unpublished talks that Allen Walker Read,
considered the dean of onomastics, gave to The American Name Society
and other learned societies.  Each of these papers bears the mark of
an inquiring, industrious, and insightful scholar whom Oxford
University (where he was a Rhodes Scholar) eventually honored with a
doctorate of letters."

        There are two testimonials, which I quote in part:

1) "Professor Read is the dean of American place name scholars, and
this book is a collection of (mainly short) fugitive pieces by him,
never before published. ..."---Charles A. Huttar

2) "Allen Walker read is the most scholarly person to have addressed
historical questions of onomastics in America, and these papers are a
significant contribution that will be valued by others in the field.
..." -- Richard W. Bailey

     Twenty-six items are listed for the table of contents, of which a few are:

1) The Claims for a Native Source of the Name _America_.
2) What Area Does the Name _America_ Refer to?
3) Rival Etymologies of _Yankee_
4) _Gothamites_, _East Villagers_, _Morningsiders_, and _Big Applians_
5) Who were the Aberginians?
6) The Naming of the Confederacy.
7) _Maniacs_, _Michiganders_, _Nebraskals_, Arkansawyers_

     Incidentally, I have no connection with the publication of this
book, and I post this notice solely out of my deep admiration for
Allen Walker Read and his  work. His book belongs on the shelves of
every university library, as well as some private ones, of course.

---Gerald Cohen

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