Complete Western Cookbook ((1964)

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by Betty Johnson
A. S. Barnes & Company, NY

   For some reason, the NYPL catalog has this book under "cookery."  Not "cookery-southern" or "cookery-southwest."  Just "cookery."
   No "chimichangas," even though New Mexican dishes are on pages 12-16.  Here goes:

Pg. 13:  Green Chili...Nixtamal (Lime Hominy).
Pg. 14:  Carne con Chili Colorado (Meat with Red Chili).
Pg. 20:  Squirrel Pot Pie.
Pg. 22:  Chicken Bernalillo.
Pg. 25:  Mexican Chicken.
Pg. 33:  Rancho Sauce.
Pg. 51:  Dinette Cake.
Pg. 55:  Lazy-Daisy Cake.
Pg. 94:  Chocolate Indians.
Pg. 94:  Coconut Brownies.
Pg. 99:  Raggedy Ann Cereal Bars.
Pg. 110:  Sail Boats.  (Cheese, pickles, cucumbers--ed.)
Pg. 117:  Armenian Beaurack.
Pg. 128:  Rancher's Eggs.
Pg. 128:  Fried Eggs Mexican.
Pg. 129:  Hobo Breakfast Eggs.
Pg. 151:  Italian Bread Sticks.
Pg. 166:  Butterfly Salad.
Pg. 187:  Mazetti.
Pg. 200:  Jiffy Cheesefurters.
Pg. 200:  Rancho Rings.
Pg. 201:  Beanie Weenies.

(Crackpot letter to the New York Times attached--ed.)

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