Barry Popik

Duane Campbell dcamp911 at JUNO.COM
Tue Sep 18 02:58:07 UTC 2001

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 21:18:01 -0500 Gerald Cohen <gcohen at UMR.EDU> writes:
>      OED editor Jesse Sheidlower just expressed very strong support
> for the value of Barry Popik's word research.  I fully agree.
>     Barry is one of the most remarkable researchers of words in
> American English'

Not that anyone cares, but I concur.

I find his monomania to be facsinating in itself. Any field of study
would be fortunate to have someone so involved.

I must admit that whenI am busy I delete Barry. And when the first line
doesn't meet my particular interests, I delete. But that's just me. I
suspect language professionals find much more of interest than I do.

I don't mean to be offensive, but I have heard that it takes sifting ten
tons of soil to find a diamond. And most people consider that diamond to
be worth the effort.


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