Barry Popik

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 18 23:12:21 UTC 2001

Since we're on the subject of Barry Popik, I have a question that is actually
germane to the mission of this list:

Mr. Popik has frequently stated (generally in missives to the New York Times
or other publications that he chooses to quote from for this list) that he is
a "contributor to the OED".

This may prove (if anyone doubted) that I am an amateur, but I admit to being
baffled by this phrase.

Is "contributor to the OED" an official title, presumably awarded by Oxford
University Press?  Or is it a folk tradition among the etymological
community, awarded by a consensus of one's peers?  Or is it a title that
anyone can claim?  Does it represent a level or quantity of submissions?  Or

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P.S.  Sorry for the unnecessary dangling preposition in the second paragraph.

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