George Thompson's 1820s prizefighting jargon

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Fri Sep 21 02:32:16 UTC 2001

  On 9/20/01, George Thompson wrote:
>I have very extensive notes regarding the jargon of prizefighting from
>U. S. sources of the 1820s.  Many represent considerable antedatings to
>the HDAS.  (They are in the hands of Jesse Sheidlower, along with all
>of my notes on Americanisms.)  I have had half a mind to submit them to
>American Speech or any other journal that will put them on paper and in
libraries. ...

     If no other editors express an interest in publishing this
material, please consider _Comments on Etymology_.

---Gerald Cohen
    (editor, _Comments on Etymology_)

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