High-Rise Terminals or Uptalk

Grant Barrett gbarrett at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri Sep 21 15:13:08 UTC 2001

A Guardian article covering uptalk around the world. Not very academic, but


"Strictly speaking, uptalk is not brand new. But it is travelling fast and
may be reaching critical mass. Even Danny DeVito's son does it, as he told a
conference on teenagers hosted by Bill'n'Hill at the White House last year:
"He uptalks, my son. You know what uptalk is? You know, like, where they
don't end a sentence and they keep talking like this... and if you take the
arteries and capillaries and veins in your body and you stretch them all
around you can go four times around the world." Then he went on to say: "But
uptalk is really interesting. You've probably experienced it, like all the
doctors and people who have studied it. I think it comes from kids who want
to be heard, and they're afraid that if they stop, adults are going to cut
them off."


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