Was the box-cutter used by the terrorists the same as Frank Abate described?

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Thu Sep 27 16:41:51 UTC 2001

On 9/27/01 07:58, "Bruce Dykes" <bkd at graphnet.com> wrote:

> Sadly, the only flight likely to give up its history in any sort of detail
> is flight 93, and then only if we're lucky. The primary reports of box
> cutters and knives came from cell phone calls from passengers on one or more
> of the flights, so we're also relying on what *they* interpret as a box
> cutter in the middle of what must surely have been a panicked environment.

Box-cutters, which it is suggested were left by terrorists, have been
recovered from flights that did not crash and from automobiles supposedly
used by them.


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