Mary Pickford cocktail (1928) & Hotel Nacional (1930)

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Thu Jan 3 05:58:51 UTC 2002

"Dale DeGroff, the Jerry Thomas of the present age, has been a valuable resource."
--William Grimes, STRAIGHT UP OR ON THE ROCKS (2001), acknowledgments.

   Dale DeGroff--the John Mariani/Robert Hendrickson of the cocktail.  Does Grimes even know who I am?
   I was searching "Mary Pickford" on the web and I found DeGroff's website, This is at

   Created at the Hotel National de Cuba in Havana during Prohibition for the famous silent film star and co-founder of United Artists.

   "Mary Pickford" is mentioned in Basil Woon's WHEN IT'S COCKTAIL TIME IN CUBA (1928).  (Woon discussed his book a year later in HAVANA: THE MAGAZINE OF CUBA.)
   "Mary Pickford" was mentioned many times in HAVANA: THE MAGAZINE OF CUBA, 1929-1930.
   The Hotel Nacional de Cuba opened on December 30, 1930.  (
   OUP doesn't pay me the big bucks for nothin'.

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