sports rage

Thu Jan 3 08:35:14 UTC 2002

Here is another rage-word that deserves consideration for WOTY:

sportsrage or sports rage

sports rage or sportsrage, n. {W}  uncontrollable rage at a sports
event by either the contestants or the viewers.

Youth sports rage is a growing phenomenon among parents with children
involved in competitive sports. Psychologists compare it to the
aggression displayed by angry drivers. The challenge for parents is to
promote a recreational atmosphere for their kids that is fun and
educational. “Keeping Sports Rage Off The Playing Field,”

In the aftermath of an incident in Boston in which one father allegedly
beat another to death after the two argued over their sons' hockey
game, sports psychologists and others are searching for ways to stop
parental violence at youth sporting events. Denise Mann, “Experts
Suggest Ways to Stop Parents'  'Sports Rage',” WebMed Health
[], July 12, 2000

Not brand-spanking new (cf. 2000 dates), but this is a current topic
even post-9/11 worth consideration, don't you think?


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