The Finger (1947?)

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   Jack Douglas (1908-?) is an interesting humor writer.

by Jack Douglas
Oxford Press, Inc., Hollywood, CA

Pg. 12:  It was early one morning and I was just sitting down to a bowl of buffalo chips (They're shot from buffalo) when in walked my father.
Pg. 18:  *Duncan Hines slept here.
Pg. 63:  CHAPTER 29.
   _How to Make a Zombie_
(Lots of white space on page, then this at bottom--ed.)
   Get her drunk.
Pg. 72: Once a taxi driver took exception to him and Thaddeus called the man a vile name with his index finger.  The driver promptly slammed the taxicab door on it, and to this day that finger (Pg. 73--ed.) has a slight lisp.  At another time the loquaciou Thaddeus exposed his fingers so much on an open top bus that he was laid up for weeks with some mysterious malady, later diagnosed as digitalis.  Time went on and so did Thaddeus.  Finally his wife could stand it no longer.  She flew to Reno and obtained a divorce on the grounds of cruelty, incompatibility and cold hands.
MORAL: If you're deaf and dumb, don't talk out of turn or someone will give you the finger.
Pg. 84:  _Sadie Thompson, or, The Chinese Water Torture_

by Jack Douglas
E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc.

Pg. 11:  Just in passing, a "roomette" is a phone booth with a bed that pulls down out of the wall and covers up your overnight bag.
Pg. 28:  Actually, in "real life," as they say at the daily police line-up, things are different.
Pg. 35:  Before turning in this night I had a little talk with one of the crew who is a Tahitian.  He told me that the sucker tourists are known as "banana tourists."  I couldn't get any connection at all, but he _did_ explain how the tourists are suckered.
Pg. 36:  B.B. and I had quite a talk about racial problems, and he told me of a club they have in the South called the "Blue Veiners."  This means if a Negro is light enough, so the blue veins in his arm can be seen, he can become a member.  If not--he can't.

(Still reading the book in the NYPL.  Half hour almost up--ed.)

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