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Andrew F. Smith ASmith1946 at AOL.COM
Sun Jan 13 17:38:22 UTC 2002

I'm looking for examples of culinary words/terms associated with
national/cultural/religious/racial/ethnic/sex/age/class groups, such as the
following US examples:

1) food terms applied (usually in a derogatory manner) to groups, such as:
limeys (British sailors), frogs (French speakers), krauts (German soldiers),
greasers (Mexican Americans), tio tacos (Mexican-Americans who sell out to
Anglos), mackerel snappers (Catholics), tomatoes (attractive women),
pineapples (Hawaiians), peanut (young person) or Oreos (African-Americans who
sell out to Anglos --Oh, those terrible Anglos!).

2) common food metaphors, such as "melting pot," and "salad bowl" (does
anyone know where/when this originated?), and other common food-related
terms/phrases, such as "greased lighting," "he's chicken," "it's a turkey,"
"where's the beef," etc.

3) examples of group attributions of specific foods/dishes, such as:

Belgian waffles
Boston beans
Chicken Kiev
Chilean sea bass
Chinese cabbage, gooseberry, parsley, pear
French beans, bread, dressing, fries, toast
German chocolate cake, potato salad
Greek coffee, salad
Hungarian goulash
Indian fry bread
Irish coffee, potatoes, stew
Italian dressing
Mexican beans
Peking (should this now be Beijing?) duck
Russian dressing
Scotch broth, whisky
Turkish coffee, delight
Vienna sausage

More broadly, has anyone written an article/book/dissertation on culinary

Many thanks,

Andy Smith

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