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>     Used on tonight's NIGHTLINE.  Our presence in Afghanistan was intended
>  be "low signature."  A Google check shows a lot of military hits, such as
>  the LSV--Low Signature Vehicle.
>     Is there an opposite for "low signature," perhaps something other than
>  "high signature"?  Does John Hancock come into play here?
>  <<
>  Don't know about an opposite, but given the military hits for this, the
>  usage seems an extension of the use of signature in "radar signature", the
>  appearance that an aircraft makes on a radar screen.  I believe stealth
>  aircraft are said to have a low radar signature.

not an "extension".  "signature" refers to any electromagnetic signal (or
possibly sonic, olfactory, etc. signal) that can give away something's
location.  A radar signature is only part of the total signature of a
vehicle, headquarters, etc.

At least in air traffic control, it is a "radar display" not a "radar
screen".  Calling it anything other than a "display" is a giveaway that
you're an outsider.

Yes, by definition, "stealth" = "low radar signature"

                    - Jim Landau

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